Some of our tutors include the following:

Mrs. Osnat Goldman has served as an adult educator in Jerusalem for many years in Torah learning centers such as Midreshet Rachel and Aish HaTorah. Through her love of teaching and sharing Torah with others, Mrs. Goldman has developed an innovative and successful method of using basic biblical grammar and textual skills to discover the beauty and intricacies of Torah. Using this method, Mrs. Goldman created a condensed learning seminar, titled “A Taste of Torah Text,” which she uses for both online and frontal teaching.

Rabbi David Sedley lives in Jerusalem with his wife and six children. He was born and raised in New Zealand before making Aliya in 1992. He left Israel temporarily (for eight years) to serve as a communal Rabbi in Scotland and England and returned to Israel 7 years ago. He gives classes and one-on-one learning around Jerusalem and online. He has translated Rabbeinu Yonah’s commentary on Pirkei Avos and is the co-author of Sefiros: Spiritual Refinement Through Counting the Omer (both Judaica Press). His latest book is “The Power Within You” translated from the Hebrew Chaim Aruchim by Rabbi Chaim Atik.

Sarah Rudolph is a Jewish educator and freelance writer. She has been sharing her passion for Jewish texts of all kinds for over 15 years, with students of all ages. Sarah’s essays have been published in a variety of internet and print media, including Times of Israel, Kveller, OU Life, TorahMusings, Jewish Action, 929 English, and more. Sarah lives in Cleveland with her husband and four children, but is privileged to learn with students all over the world.

Rabbi Dr. Stuart Fischman graduated from Yeshiva University in 1980 and the dental school of Columbia University in 1985. In 1989 he began studying and teaching at Yeshivat Hamivtar and now studies and teaches at Yeshivat Machanaim in Efrat. He has rabbinic ordination from Rav Zalman Nechemia Goldberg.

Leah Stein lives in Efrat Israel with her husband and 2 children. She teaches Judaic studies and Hebrew language to students all over the world. She shares with her students her passion for Judaism and Israel. Leah is a true professional and an excellent educator. She is loved by her schools and students alike – and with her colleagues she is always happy to share her professional knowledge and resources. Leah is extremely dedicated and organized and a real asset to our faculty.

After finishing her degree in Judaic studies from Stern College and coming on aliya, Natanya Mann has been involved in teaching, tutoring, and mentoring for the past 30 years. Whether in Nishmat, Baer Miriam, or with candidates for conversion, Natanya’s focus has been on helping her students acquire the skills they need to become independent in their learning. While empowering her students intellectually, Natanya’s goal is to aid them in developing a love for Torah and its Giver. Natanya is married to Daniel Mann, has 8 children, and lives in Jerusalem. 

 Rabbi Nimrod Soll was born in Israel and raised in the US. He has a BA in Political Science from Yeshiva University (2014) and an MA in Modern Jewish History from the Bernard Revel Graduate School (2018). Rabbi Soll received semicha from RIETS in May 2019 and is currently studying for an LLB at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Fran Miller is a graduate of the Keren Ariel Yoatzot Halacha program at Nishmat, and studied in the advanced Talmud programs in Matan and Migdal Oz. She holds a B.A. in Judaic Studies from Stern College and B.Ed. from Yeshivat Har Etzion’s Michlelet Herzog Teacher’s College. She teaches adults and post-high school students in person, online, and in midrashot. Fran lives in Mitzpeh Yericho with her husband and three children.

Rabbi Guy Gavriel Tal has over 15 years experience in teaching all levels of Jewish studies from children to adults. He is dedicated to serving and being a leader in the Jewish community, and has spent over a decade leading and teaching in different communities around the world. Rabbi Tal is fluent in Hebrew, Spanish, and English. He has completed a BA in Bible and Oral Law, an MA in Judaic Studies, and is working towards a PhD in “History of Ideas”.

Basya Goldstein Studied at Sha’alvim for Women for Seminary. She is currently completing her BA in Studio Art with a minor in English from Stern College, while pursuing a Masters degree in Tanach in Yeshiva University’s Graduate Program for Advanced Talmudic Studies (GPATS). She created and taught a 3-part Tanach series on NCSY 4G Euro, and has taught Torah in multiple communities through YU Torah Tours. She loves learning and teaching Torah in all different forms.