What our students are saying…

I live far away from any major Jewish community and never had the chance to attend seminary. TorahTutors has given me the opportunity to learn text-based skills and analysis for over a year so far, and I’ve been able to see my skills improve more than I ever thought possible.  

– MK, New York

We live in a community in which the Torah education is insufficient. We discovered TorahTutors for my twin 10-year-old daughters 2 years ago. The quality of learning has exceeded all expectations, and my daughters are engaged and stimulated throughout their classes. They have also bonded with their teacher who lives halfway across the country, and we will be having an online siyum in a few weeks! It is a great bonus that we can do this at home rather than racing to after school classes, and the interactive teaching modality is very motivating for the children. It is because of Torah tutors that we can remain in this community and our children can still become the talmidot of limudei kodesh that we all hoped they would be.

Karin H, California

TorahTutors has saved my sanity!  My kids enjoy their classes and participate–no whining or arguing.  The teachers are patient, enthusiastic, and resourceful, and they ask lots of questions to keep the kids engaged.  The children have learned things even I didn’t know, and they make connections with their learning.  Long after class is over, they will recognize a Hebrew word or an important concept from the lesson.  It’s wonderful to see their progress.

Here’s an example:  as we were getting ready for shul on Rosh Hashanah, I said something about Daddy blowing the shofar.  My six-year-old pointed out, “But Mommy, the mitzvah is to hear the shofar, not to blow it.”   She was remembering what Rabbi Meyers had said and applying it to the situation.  For parents, these moments bring great joy.

There’s no Jewish school where we live, so our kids attend public school.  Like most families, we are busy, and we don’t always find the time to do our Jewish learning.  With our Torah Tutors class and private session, I know that at least twice a week, the kids will have a class that delivers both fun and solid Jewish content.  I know that even when our home life gets chaotic, the kids are getting that foundation.  It’s a huge relief.

Eva Ginsburg, Urbana, Illinois

TorahTutors is a wonderful option for families looking to enrich a child’s religious education in any way.  We are thrilled with the level of instruction and the personal connection our son has made with his teacher/Rebbe in Israel and the diligence our son has shown toward his learning.  We are grateful to Rabbi Meyers for launching and leading the important initiative for Torah learning in the modern world.

Dr. Adam S. Cohen, Toronto Canada