is an innovative text-based Torah study program which uses state-of-the-art videoconferencing technology. Classes take place in our fully interactive web-based learning environment, providing the highest level of teacher/student connection possible online. Teacher and student(s) speak with each other in real time and and engage with texts and other materials through shared documents and screens. Classes may also be recorded so students can easily review material.

Who would benefit from TorahTutors?

Whether you are a Jewish adult looking for a steady chevruta, a homeschooling parent seeking guidance or a teacher to supplement the Judaic Studies component of your child’s education, a Jewish day-school parent whose child requires a tutor in his or her Torah subjects, or anyone else looking for individualized Torah study – could be for you! Our skilled teachers and tutors, men and women from across the Torah world, will work to tailor a program that fits your needs.


In 2007, Rabbi Chaim Brovender founded Using the latest internet technology to create an interactive classroom environment, WebYeshiva’s innovative program fulfilled his dream of making Torah learning accessible to Jews all over the world.

In the spring of 2010, was launched as an affiliate of, providing students of all ages with personalized learning programs. and are part of the Academy for Torah Initiatives and Directions (ATID), founded by Rabbi Chaim Brovender and directed by Rabbi Jeffrey Saks.